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The Front End Developer Roadmap 2022

Discover in this roadmap the latest programming languages, the libraries, and the frameworks you must know to become a Front End Developer in 2022.


  • Front End

What is React Remix? A new React Framework

Let's find out what is React Remix, a new React Framework based on React Router and developed by the same React Router creators to improve SEO, build times and performances.


  • React

What does a Front End developer do?

Discover what does a Front End developer do, which programming languages are used, the daily tasks the developer is involved and which skills are needed.


  • Front End

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  • Masterclass19% off
    Max 6 students
    Masterclass JavaScript

    Building a scalable app with NextJS and GraphQL

    NextJS, Graphql, Tailwind and Strapi. The most important technologies in a single masterclass.

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    Max 10 students
    React masterclass

    Build your portfolio with ReactJS and Typescript

    Master ReactJS and Typescript by building your own portfolio with NextJS in only 12.5 hours.

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