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Discover what are Web Components, a tool to build UI elements independently from the Front End stack.

In the previous article we talked about the new React framework called Remix and if you haven't had time to read it, I suggest you do it by clicking here. In case you fell in love with it and are thinking of migrating a project developed with Angular, for example, you wi...

01/12/22Reading time: 6'

Let's find out what is React Remix, a new React Framework based on React Router and developed by the same React Router creators to improve SEO, build times and performances.

Recently a new React framework has been launched and its name is Remix. The founders of React Router have been working hard to develop and present this new framework to the entire community and in this article I am so pleased to answer the question "What is React Remix?".

I tri...

11/18/21Reading time: 9'

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